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Note RE: Coronavirus outbreak. All packages are shipped directly from the UK and we are not suffering any delays. Products have been tested for food contact safety and are fully approved.

On average, 1cm of a regular sponge is home to over 54 million bacteria!

The SiliSponge has been created with food-grade BPA free silica gel ensuring that they do not harbour bacteria; making them the world's safest sponge. They are non-absorbent, meaning that they do not home anything that could cause further harm to you and your family. The material makes them extremely durable so they are much less likely to rip, deform or scratch! The SiliSponge has been uniquely designed with duo bristles, meaning that it can be used for various products not just in the kitchen - it’s safe to use on the face, the body and around the home. The Silisponge ensures your entire home is bacteria free! Simply pop in the dishwasher or clean with boiling water and reuse multiple times.  

  • Unique duo bristles
  • Doesn't harbour bacteria
  • Pack of three SiliSponges
  • Food-grade, BPA free silica gel
  • Various colours
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Reusable